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Sira, Ed. D., K. S., alenciana, Ed. D., D. S. O. V., Daitao, D.I.T., E. A., Minerva, Jr., D.I.T., P. N., Daitao, Ph. D., TM, S. A., Candoliza, M.S.I.E., R. L., & Nakila, M.S.I.E., G. D. (2019). Factors Affecting Industrial Drawing Performance of Freshmen Technology Students. Journal of Research and Opinion, 6(10), 2526-2542.


This study aimed to determine the predictors of industrial drawing (ID) performance of technology students of one of the Universities in Iloilo City school year 2018-2019. The descriptive research method of investigation employed to 240 from 600 participants using Slovin's formula through stratified random sampling. Results showed that most of the participants were male, 19 years old, from the seven technology courses with a positive attitude in ID subject. All the participants rated their ID faculty as efficient in the delivery of their lessons using a variety of teaching methods. They all agreed that a conducive classroom, with a supportive peer group, and parents transpired average performance. Moreover, attitude in ID and parental support significantly predicted ID performance. In summary, they recommended that continuous upgrading of the curricular offerings, CAD software, facilities, and hiring competent faculty with diverse qualities will produce a versatile technologist working in the chosen workplace.

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