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Yu, P. (2019). A Strategyfor English Reading Teaching——Based on Vocabulary, Grammar and Logic. Journal of Research and Opinion, 6(08), 2377-2381.

A Strategyfor English Reading Teaching——Based on Vocabulary, Grammar and Logic


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"English Reading" is a professional compulsory course combining theory with practice. This course covers English language knowledge, culture and literature knowledge, national knowledge, cross-cultural communication knowledge, basic knowledge of humanities, social sciences and natural sciences, etc., aiming to improve students' reading efficiency and ability to obtain main information, especially text appreciation, rhetoric and critical thinking ability. The task of the lesson is to cultivate students' ability of discourse analysis, semantic appreciation, logical thinking, independent thinking and proficient communication, so as to make them become "application-oriented talents” of high-quality and with innovative consciousness and creative ability".

Through the data analysis of an authoritative reading test officially organized by the university, the author found that a large proportion of students in sophomore year failed to perform well in the test and did not demonstrate excellent reading skills. The reasons are as follows: firstly, the "teacher-led role" is neglected in reading teaching; Secondly, students ignore discourse analysis in reading; thirdly, the students' understanding of vocabulary is limited to the meaning of completely equivalent Chinese; Fourth: Grammatical awareness is not strong. The author finds out the problems that students have in reading, and combines relevant cases to conduct in-depth discussions on these issues.

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